Paradiselodge – Jungleguesthouse

A beautiful lodge situated in the jungle 15 minutes drive from Dominical. It was overall a great stay but we did have a love hate relationship with the Airbnb. We loved our host Anja, she was very friendly and helpful. The view is spectacular and we did see lots of birds, bats and spiders. Downside is the bedroom has no blinds so we had blasting sun in our eyes from early in the morning (great for you if you’re an early riser though). Also for some reason every time a truck drove past, it’s like the noise got amplified into the valley and it made sleeping through the night difficult on top of the heat. There were other interesting animal noise like howler monkeys in the morning, dogs and the cicadas were so loud they were shaking my ear drums. There are earplugs in the lodge for this reason. Other than that we had a great stay despite of the noise at night. It’s a great place if you love being in one with the nature and you appreciate being surrounded by wildlife.

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